Plastic buckets

Plastic buckets are available in different shapes (round, oval and rectangular) in different volumes (0,55 L up to 33 L) and with plastic or metal handles. Buckets are available in more colors and we can customize according to the customer’s request. Buckets can be decorated with IML technology, dry offset print in six colors or printed on the surface.

All buckets have ISO certificate ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 and they are produced with the highest standard in the food industry BRC-level AA. All buckets are 100% recyclable, produced from polypropylene which insure high thermal/chemical and surface resistance.



Round buckets

Volume [L] ShapeHandleType of bucketDimension [mm] outer diameter Dimension [mm] heightIndustryDry ofset printIML tehnology
0.55RoundNo handleBIS117.581.4Food/Chemical6 colorsNo
1.00RoundPlastic handleBIS132.30131.50Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
1.50RoundPlastic handleBIS145.90135.40Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
2.50RoundPlastic handleLB174.00156.40Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
3.00RoundPlastic handleBIS, LB200.70150.80Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
5.00RoundPlastic handleBIS, LB, UL, BH225.00187.00Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
10.00RoundPlastic/metalDV, VV, UL290.00220.80Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
12.00RoundMetal handleDV, MV282.00272.00Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
15.00RoundMetal handleBIS307.50316.60Food/Chemical6 colorsNo
17.00RoundMetal handleBIS326.00274.00Food/Chemical6 colorsYes
20.00RoundPlastic handleBIS326.00319.30Food/Chemical6 colorsNo
25.00RoundPlastic handleBIS326.00399.00Food/Chemical1 colorsNo
33.00RoundPlastic handleBIS380.00388.00Food/Chemical6 colorsNo

Oval buckets

Volume (L)ShapeHandleType of bucketDimension [mm] outer diameter Dimension [mm] heightIndustryDry ofset printIML tehnology
3.00OvalMetal handleBIS117.5081.40Food/ChemicalNoYes
5.00OvalMetal handleBIS132.30131.50Food/ChemicalNoYes
12.00OvalMetal handleBIS145.90135.40Food/ChemicalNoYes

Rectangular buckets

Volume (L)ShapeHandleType of bucketDimension [mm] outer diameterDimension [mm] heightIndustryDry ofset printIML tehnology
2.50RectangularPlastic handleBIS216.00 x 140.00119.00Food/ChemicalNoYes
5.00RectangularPlastic handlejBIS286.00 x 198.60149.20Food/ChemicalNoYes
10.00RectangularPlastic/MetalBIS365.50 x 246.80191.00Food/ChemicalNoYes
Verson of bucketMark of bucket
Two steps closingBIS
Strong bucketsCS
Higher bucketsBH
Very light bucketUL
Light bucketLB