Other household products

In our product assortment we have over 200 different products in a household. All the products can be found in bigger retail chains in Slovenia and the Balkans. Below you can find the catalogue of all our products and their descriptions. Two of the more novel products are described below.

Ham holder is a product made of a granite bottom and metal arms used to hold ham (cured pig’s leg). The metal arms are made of stainless steel and are polished, giving them a high shine and high quality with great longevity. The heavy bottom ensures stability. Ham holders is a great gift for anniversaries, providing the recipient enjoys meat. In that fashion, we also offer personalized wishes onthe granite bottom.

Preservation net is one of the first products for mass consumer market. They prevent rotting or moulding of the preserved goods. They are reusable, needing just a quick wash (dishwasher safe).

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