Caps for jars and bottles

Caps for jars and bottles are made from sheet metal and are the most popular type of closures for hermetical closing of all kinds of jars.

Quality caps will seal the inside of the jar from outside environment, thus greatly extending the period in which the food inside the jar or bottle must be consumed (provided the food is pasteurized or sterilized).  Caps can be used for preservation of sweet, sour, oily, hot or cold food but use case should be specified before ordering as not all caps are suitable for all foods. We also offer aluminum caps also known as Omnia caps for jars without thread. All caps have ISO certification 14001:2016, 9001:2016, OHSAS certification 18001:2007 and are produced with respect to highest hygienic standards of the food industry BRC (highest AA grade).

Caps can be made in an array of colours and motives (checkered, fruit, vegetables, honey, beekeeping) and can be also personalized to taste (picking the colour and/or the motive). On our website you can find PDF catalogue of all the motives available.

For household use we also recommend use of preservation nets, which we also offer. These nets prevent occurance of mould and rotting of the preserved goods. They are reusable. Search our website for more information.

Types of caps by dimension

Modeli Pokrovov
Avacom Web (14 Of 38)


E – Easy grip

Other caps

We also offer the following closures for different food industries.



High quality caps with vacuum closing. Suitable for children’s food containers.

Neprekinjen Navoj

Caps with continuous screw thread

Ultra light caps with continuous screw thread.

Klasičen Način

Caps for classic jar closing

Popular in the USA.


Unishell caps®

Caps for containers used in dietary supplement and pharmaceutical products.



Aluminum caps for beer and other beverages.



Caps for manual or automatic closing of jars with hot or cold ingredients.


AP 45

Aluminum screw closure for cold or hot preservation of vegetables, sea food, oil or vinegar.


AK 103

Aluminum caps for one time use containers, suitable for cold or hot preservation.